Information Security Auditing

A First Info Tech audit stands apart from the rest: our audits are conducted by engineers, use our comprehensive understanding of risk and security, yield actionable reports, and save time and resources.

Engineers vs. Accountants

We believe that a successful audit begins with a fundamental understanding of technology. Our auditors are engineers first, with strong backgrounds in information system design and operations; as a result they are able to quickly, efficiently, and accurately assess the security posture of your information system. Our engineers find risks our competitors miss, and we’re able to provide actionable recommendations for mitigating those risks because we truly understand your technology.


Our Information Security Consultants have a deep understanding of the systems they’re auditing. We fit discrepancies into the bigger portrait of a thorough risk assessment. By looking at the full picture, we can recognize and understand the reasoning behind an application configuration, and then adequately verify that the configuration meets the regulatory requirement. This understanding allows flexibility, as we realize that not all Firewalls or SharePoint configurations are “one size fits all”.

Engineers experienced with complex systems also tend toward quick learning and an adaptive understanding of new principles. We can perform more rigorous testing because we understand the technology that we’re auditing. Though everyone may test against a standard, our expert engineers can evaluate the technical details found during a risk assessment against reality.

Actionable Reports

If you’re having an audit performed on your information system, you’ll want concrete results from the process that you can use. We produce a set of audit deliverables that explain the security issues and how to best fix them; our methods guide you directly to effective solutions.

Resource Savings

In today’s fast-paced market, any delays in compliance certification can lead to lost revenue and diminished consumer confidence in your product. If an organization’s engineers need to spend time explaining their system to an auditor, it can prolong the process.

When we conduct an audit, our engineers can talk apples to apples in regards to requirements, technology, and implementation. We save you time and money by communicating clearly and quickly.

At First Info Tech, we give a much more accurate and comprehensive assessment of a system’s security posture than anyone else. Our engineers perform all our audits, beginning to end, and they produce meaningful, actionable reports that fit with an organization’s comprehensive risk strategy. Our industry knowledge, technical skills, and experience working with the world’s largest companies translate into time and resource savings for you.