With our wide range of expertise, we efficiently and effectively accomplish your business objectives, no matter the need.

Compliance and Security Advisory & Audit Services

We support and drive numerous compliance requirements, including FedRAMP®, DoD SRG, FedRAMP®+, ISO, SOC, and IRAP. We are also an xRAMP 3PAO auditor. This helps you build a full understanding of each company's compliance universe, with expert advice on the best practices for each environment.

Audit Preparation

We prepare you for security audits by conducting gap analysis, penetration testing, and mock

Document Development

We help you develop and defend your compliance documentation by drafting policies, procedures, and system security plans.

Building Relationships

We ease the burden of audits on your technical staff by communicating, scheduling, and working with auditors and control owners.

FedRAMP® Services and Continuous Monitoring

We guide Cloud Service Providers through the FedRAMP® Authorization process successfully by collaborating with different stakeholders. We then ensure continued FedRAMP® compliance after the CSP achieves the Authorization to Operate (ATO). We have been a FedRAMP 3PAO auditor for over 8 years.


We advise you on best business practices for successfully navigating the FedRAMP® Authorization Process by leveraging our deep experience.

Authorization Process

We manage successful Joint Authorization Board (JAB), DISA, and Agency Authorizations over various deployment and service models.

Security Posture

We conduct Annual Assessments, Significant Change Request (SCR) reviews, and track Security Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to maintain your security posture.

IT Compliance Management

We develop policies, procedures and technical guidance to ensure security and compliance is incorporated into the product environment, and can also assist in maintaining a robust, sustainable internal compliance program.


We provide IT, Database, Network Administration, and System Integration support during the development and onboarding of new systems.


We create processes specific to your needs, such as onboarding and Significant Change Request (SCR) Management.


We assist in performing systems administration, diagnostics, documentation, and help desk support.

Penetration Testing

Our experienced team conducts internal and external penetration testing to uncover security vulnerabilities affecting the server or system.


We're well-versed in identifying weakness and security vulnerabilities.


We test the effectiveness of security controls implemented. Additionally, we review and verify discovered vulnerabilities.


We can provide recommendations on remediation and mitigation of discovered security vulnerabilities.

Data Visualization

We identify, analyze, and present critical data for your objectives by considering business requirements, various ingestion sources and your needs when performing data analysis. The resulting holistic visualization illustrates your environment to identify bottlenecks, drive business decisions, and present potential efficiencies.


We utilize dashboards, charts, heat maps, high level analysis, and detailed reports to present critical data to you.

Business Support

We incorporate data analytics and visualizations to drive faster and smarter business decisions.

Reports Integration

We provide deliverables that can reduce your burden of reporting upstream.